Jigsaw Builders was founded in 2003 by Cory Krygier and Wade Butler with a simple, yet impactful philosophy towards design and construction.


We have been building in Calgary for more than 15 years and in each of those years we have been working to perfect the art of the 'Comfortably Modern' home. A home that has a perfect balance of leading edge architectural design and technology combined with warm and rich materials. We believe that a well designed, well built home can enhance the lives of those living in it. 


Our approach to building is unique

 From the initial concept, we continually refine and revise our project plan to keep design goals, performance considerations and the budget in balance. Each core item informs the decisions made in other two, throughout the building process.

and here is what they are saying...

We were attracted to Jigsaw because of their energy efficient vision and detailed project management offering. Our home is warm, quiet and beautiful. If we decide to build again, Jigsaw is the only custom builder we would consider. Thanks Cory, Wade and Krista - we continue to love our home each and every day.
— Deb & Jim H.

Jigsaw Homes is currently building a home for my family here in Calgary. The experience with them is nothing but fantastic! All the staff is very helpful with designing stages to now, construction. We never thought that there would be so many different details to a house, but they’ve helped us through every step. From the SIP walls to the kitchen sink, they’ve made suggestions to greatly suit our family.

I would to thank Cory Krygier and his team at Jigsaw for building a home that will keep my family safe and warm for many years to come.
— Danny & April Y.

Jigsaw is a talented and creative group of individuals. The members of the team are diverse in their areas of expertise and are continually working to be the most innovative home builders in the industry. Jigsaw are experts and leaders in high performance and energy-efficient home building; this combined with their level of professionalism makes them a pleasure to work with.
— Chelsea

The Jigsaw team are committed to high performance housing and are willing to innovate and incorporate new technology into their homes. Energy Efficiency is second nature and quality and value is never sacrificed.
— Elizabeth